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IGNITE - The Podcast

Aug 2, 2020

In this episode you’ll discover:

- Why Danielle was the UNLIKELY Olympian and how against all odds she was able to smash the glass ceiling society had placed on her and go after her wildest dreams.

- Learn Danielles signature C.L.A.R.I.T.Y method & why she believes clarity is the #1 thing that can help you live a fulfilled and on purpose life.

- How Danielle found her true "soul mission" as she likes to call it AFTER the Olympics and how she pivoted from world champion swimmer to coaching and empowering women to step into their greatness.

- Her top advice for ambitious women looking to step into their power and why she believes it is our birthright to start shinning our unique light. 

Free Dream Life Visualisation (courtesy of Danielle):
Book: The Unlikely Olympian: Step into your Fears to Achieve your Dreams is available on Amazon